1st Corinthians 3

Paul opens the third chapter explaining that he is feeding the people with the “milk” of the Word.  Eating the “meat” of the Gospel too quickly can lead to many other problems.  Carnality is one of the issues that can appear.  People who are not “seasoned” in the Word can begin to think of themselves as more important than another. This is a HUGE mistake.  As Paul explains in the 3rd and 4th verses it appears that some people were trying to sell themselves as more important by putting titles on themselves to show some type of superiority.

I’m sure this will sound familiar to many people.  Verse 3 explains that even in the early church there were already beginning to see signs of division.  Could this be the beginning of denominations as we know it today?  Just curious……

Paul is self-explanatory in the following verses 5-17.  Paul introduces Apollos who  was a well respected minister of the Gospel in the Corinthian church.  Verses 5-9 explains in a nutshell that there is no one that is more important than the other.  One person does the planting.  Sometimes this is nothing more than planting a seed of love or of a positive message or an offer of hope.

Along comes person number two who waters that original seed. Perhaps it’s nothing more than a kind word or deed perhaps it’s a helping hand or more importantly; perhaps it was that situation where that person was expected to say something disparaging and they didn’t.

Proverbs 25:11 is possibly one of my favorite verses when speaking about witnessing.  It says:  A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.  Sometimes the best words are the ones not spoken. Once a word is off your lips it can’t be recalled.  Something heard can’t be unheard.

Back to the point:  Paul was explaining that each person has their own jobs.  It is expected that you will not always fulfill the same role. Sometime you may be the planter and next time you are the harvester.  The important part of this logic is that you are playing  a part regardless and it is very important that you play your part well.

Paul pulls out of this chapter in verses 18-23 that the ministers of the Gospel will be held accountable for their words, actions and deeds.  He explains in verse 22 that whether your Pastor is the most respected Pastor in all of the Church world OR the least of all, we are all in Christ.

He closes in verse 23: And ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s.  This is a significant verse because it explains “the chain of command” or exactly who’s who.  We are in Christ.  We belong to Him.  Christ is God’s.  We already are aware that Jesus is the Son of God.  Paul reconfirms that when he use the quote that Christ is God’s.




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