1st Corinthians 7

Paul took the 7th chapter of 1st Corinthians to discuss marriage and relationships between a husband and his wife.  In these 40 verses Paul was very specific about marriage and the proper roles that the husband and wife should play to each other.

I am not going to go into any great detail about this specific chapter for several reasons.  I am going to try and help set the stage to explain the possible logic and reasoning for this chapter.

Please remember as you read and study this chapter that at the time of Paul’s writings the city of Corinth as most likely at the height of their sexual awakening and explorations.  Corinth boasted of their temple to Aphrodite and several statues were eventually erected to prostitutes and sexually virile men and women.

The entire society was wealthy and sexually charged so it was very commonplace to see and hear of sexual games and activities throughout the region.

With this thought in mind it was important to the early church to begin to set some type of standards and limits of what Christians should be participating in.  While Paul seemed to many to be very judgmental  and condemning, it is my opinion that what Paul was attempting to do was to lead the early Church into a relationship with God.

Since this was the very beginnings of the early Church, most of the Christians and citizens of Corinth were perhaps unaware of what was the correct relationship standards between a man and a woman and between married couples.

Paul removed most of the doubt and confusion among the citizens of Corinth and among the congregation at the early Church.


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