1st Corinthians 12: 1-24

Paul opens the 12th chapter of 1st Corinthians being careful to let us know that he wants us to understand the gifts of the Spirit.  His first warning is that you can’t mistake the gifts of the Spirit and that when you see these gifts in action they are to be used to the glory of God and honor to the Lord Jesus.

While there are many gifts they are all coming from the same Spirit. That is the Spirit of God.  These gifts differ from each other in use but all bring glory to God when they are being exercised by His direction.

He  explains in verse 5 that there are even differences in the way they (the gifts) are demonstrated and the administration of these gifts BUT, they are all coming from the same place.

While Paul actually lists 11 or so different gifts that are (or at least should be) exercised  in the church.  They are all very different in meaning and use but all drawn from the same Spirit, that is the Spirit of the Holy Spirit.

While we are looking at these different gifts they are all part of one body.  The body operates with different parts.  The eyes do their part, the ears do their part, the hands do their part, etc.  Even so the gifts of the Spirit work exactly the same way.

But, while these different parts of the body all have separate functions and do different things they are all active for one body.  In that exact same train of thought the body of Christ works the same way.  Each man with different gifts work together for the glory of God inside the same body.