All Of The Bad News

It seems like daily I am seeing the morning news, internet news and radio news.  All of the news seems to be sad, disheartening, challenging and all around horrible.

I have some good news.  JESUS is alive and well.  He has extended His love to us.  He came as the Son of God, lived here on earth and then sacrificed His life that we could experience His extended love and live with Him in His eternal kingdom for ever.

While He was on this earth He extended His love, in His death, burial and resurrection He left us the promise that if we would confess with our mouth that He was the Son of God and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you would be saved.

I invite you to experience the love of God and the love of Jesus today by inviting Him into your heart, cleanse you of your sins and then find a Holy Bible and begin to learn who Jesus is.  You will find He is the answer to everything you have been searching for all of your life.

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