Disturbing News

I spent part of the day today reading various stories in the news.  I was actually disgusted by some of the things I read about how Christian people react to various kinds of people.  I read stories about how drug addicts were not welcome to attend morning worship services until they were able to “get themselves together”.  I read an interesting article about how an alcoholic was expected to “clean  himself up” and perhaps the most irritating of all was from a Pastor who left a scathing message to a waiter whom he “assumed” was gay (he was not).

What are we thinking church?  Where is our mind?

In the process of simply being friendly we would never say these types of things to people.  I am praying that we are not actually telling people how Christ like we are while we are using this type of language and saying these types of things in an effort to win them into the Church.

Forget  the whole idea of judging…..this is simply wrong.  There are no other words for it. When was the last time that we quit shopping in a grocery store because one of the people that was employed by the grocery store was divorced?  Why do you support your electric company, telephone company, gas station (you get the point) but refuse to welcome them into the Church because they don’t fit our standards?

Mostly I think it has to do with ignorance or the inability to see the other persons side  or to “walk a mile in their shoes”.  Of course there is also the stupid factor.  When we open our mouths without our mind being in gear.  However, none of the above is an excuse, reason or explanation for these types of actions.

Remember that we represent the Master.  The Son of God who died on the cross for our sins.  All of our sins, not just the sins we approve of because “we all fail” OR the sins that we have committed that we don’t want anyone to find out about (the sins by the way that we yell the loudest about)(we yell about  them mostly because they were done in secret and no one will ever find out).  NO NO NO Christ died for ALL of our sins and we as believers should welcome everyone with our arms outstretched.

Trust me Jesus is going to whether you do or not.  Hopefully and prayerfully, he will do the same for you.

Ric Overton

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