Quick Break

It’s at this point that I feel like I should interject a few thoughts.  The first 5 chapters of 1st Corinthians has been heavy and in some people’s mind perhaps even VERY judgmental.

Let’s reexamine the actual messages here.  In today’s world people are looking at everything they possibly can in order to bring condemnation to someone else.  The reason they want to do this is to draw the attention away from themselves; sort of projecting self righteousness onto you in order to clear themselves in some way.

The reality is that when Jesus came He  did not come to bring condemnation, He came to bring life.  Condemnation separates you from God.  Condemnation separates you from the reality of your own human traits.   Condemnation makes you feel unworthy.  As explained by my Pastor this week, conviction is a different thing.

Jesus came to bring us eternal life.  Period.  When the rest of the New Testament was written, it was written as a guideline of how we  should live our lives to draw ourselves closer to God and understanding of His fullness.  In order to draw closer to God you have to remove those things in your life which cause separation. These things are what makes your walk with God difficult.

Unless you are superman you are going to fail.  Unless you possess superhuman strengths you are going to blow it from time to time. When  these things happen don’t wallow in self-condemnation but rather glory in the teaching process and be aware that you are still human.

I am ready to head into the next section of 1st Corinthians but wanted to stop for a moment and explain that this is not condemnation but a step into a closer walk with God.


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