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1st Corinthians 9

Evidently at some point Paul was taking criticism from an outside source that was attacking him.  While we can’t be totally sure what is actually happening, I feel we can be reasonably sure that Paul was being treated badly by someone.  Most likely it came as an inside job. In other words, someone was not happy with the way Paul was conducting himself OR because his ministry was doing well and this was a voice of jealousy.

Paul opened this chapter being somewhat obsessed and pre-occupied by the criticism that he was getting from someone in the area. His questions were directed by the fact that he was not married yet blameless  as far as his actions were concerned.

In verse 5 it is pretty apparent that some of Paul’s opposition was also perhaps criticism that he possibly took to heart.  Paul took exception to the fact that someone else was traveling with their wife or family member but they apparently did not want Paul traveling the same way.

It seemed there may have been other evangelist that had started to get paid and/or perhaps Paul was pointing out that not only did they pay their own way but they also earned a “fair wage” doing jobs.  However, at the same time Paul was confident enough to tell you to follow him as the example of how you should live your life.

The remainder of this chapter Paul seems to be reminding people that he has some power and  authority  over the church (I personally believe that this could have been the beginning of the first denomination.

He is quick to point out that he is abused for the gospel and that he literally has to beat his body into subjection.